Irritrol PCW Control User Manual

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The Zone Buttons

The individual

Zone Buttons,

located in the tray below the Schedule Viewer, are linked to the corre-

sponding Zone Schedule bar segments. In addition, the zone configuration properties are accessed

through the Zone Button pop-up menus.

A zone must first be selected to en-

able it to be edited. Clicking on a

Zone Segment or the corresponding

Zone Button will position the Zone

Button into the Edit Frame. If a Zone

Button is not visible in the tray, click-

ing on the left or right blue arrow

buttons will scroll the Zone Buttons

into view. (Figure 2.12)

Adding Zones

Each site can schedule up to 12 zones.

If the site currently has less than 12

zones, selecting the Add Zone button

will open the Add New Zone dialog

box (Figure 2.13). All of the basic zone

setup properties can be applied to

the new zone through the dialog box.
The next zone in numeric sequence

will be added.

The default zone setup properties can

be changed as desired, including the

zone name, number, type (Water or

Lighting) and the Zone Box image

(Figure 2.14).

Click OK and the new zone will be

added to the Zone Box tray

(Figure 2.15).

Note: Refer to Time Slot Editor on page

2 to add a zone start time.

Figure 2.12

Figure 2.13

Figure 2.14

Figure 2.15