Irritrol PCW Control User Manual

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PCW Control



Troubleshooting Guide


Possible Cause


I have a new computer, or, I lost the

CD. Where do I get the software?


Download the latest software at http://

How do I uninstall version 1.1.56 or


The uninstall for versions 1.1.56 and

earlier does not work.

Download our uninstall utility at http://

My remote indicates there is no

communication when I turn it on.

If the controllers are turned on

and match the PIN in the remote,

then most likely the cause is from


When the remote is turned on, press the

top two buttons, side-to-side arrows and

the up arrow buttons. When your PIN is

displayed press the Start button. Your com-

munication should be working now.

All three signal bars in the software

are gray.

Communication between the

software, remote, and controller(s)

is not working. Most likely the PIN

values do not match.

Check each hardware device and the PIN

value in the software to confirm that they

are the same.

My remote displays “NO SIGNAL”


Controller and remote have differ-

ent PIN codes.

See the Change PIN section in this User’s

Guide .

The remote will not communicate

with additional controllers.

Most likely caused by not manually

setting the additional controller’s

PIN and controller number.

Check each controller and set the correct

PIN and controller number. All controllers

come from the factory set with PIN 0000

and as controller #1.

The remote displays “E1”.

Most likely caused by a defective IC

in the remote.

Please contact Irritrol Support for warranty


Under “Display Zone Start Times”, I

highlight the start time but my edit

won’t change on the calendar.

Zones assigned to the Scheduling

Advisor cannot be edited in this


Click on the Advisor tab, click on the zone

in question and then uncheck “Use Advi-

sor”. Zone is now editable.

The remote only displays 12 sta-

tions for a system that contains

multiple controllers and more than

12 stations.

The main controller (controller #1)

has not been updated with the

additional controllers and station

information. This is the master con-

troller of the system.

Open the XML file that you are using for

the multiple controller system, and after

establishing communication, update the

controllers by pressing the “Send” button.

Software displays “Invalid Data

Array” message when updating the


Possible invalid characters sent or

received from the controller(s).

Try pressing the “Send” button again. If the

message is still displayed contact Irritrol

Support so that you can send your XML file

for review.

The software displays “time out”

when sending a schedule or up-

dating the controller(s).

Bad radio frequency interfer-

ence in your environment, or the

controller(s) are too far away. The

range for communication is 1000

feet using line of sight. This will vary

depending on your environment.

If you have a laptop, move around your

property and see if you can establish a

more consistent connection. If you are us-

ing a desktop you can unplug the remote

and use a simple “Auto On/Off” test by

walking around your property and confirm-

ing the communications are received by

the controller(s).