Irritrol PCW Control User Manual

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Zone Control Options

The Zone Control Options menu is accessed by

clicking on the gray bar, located on the right

side of the Zone button.

The Zone Control Options menu provides

an alternate selection path to access

specific zone property options. Additional

Zone Control options provided on this

menu included: Disable Zone, Remove

Zone, Run Zone, and Display Zone Start


(Figure 2.21)


Disable Zone: Select this option to disable

the zone from operation. Toggles the zone

off and on as needed, without deleting

the zone setup. The corresponding zone

segment will be grayed out and the control frame labeled non-

operation as illustrated at right.
Note: The Zone Properties menu is only

accessible through the Zone Control Options

menu when the zone is in the disabled mode.
Remove Zone: Removes the Zone Button

and all information for the zone from the


Important: When a zone is removed

from the schedule, it can be added back in,

but will be last in the Zone Button tray.
Run Zone: Enables the zone to be operated

manually for a selected or specified run

time duration (Figure 2.22).
Note: Once the zone has been started

manually, it can run to completion or can be

terminated at any time by selecting

Auto Off>Auto On or Manual>Stop.
Display Zone Start Times: Provides

an overview of the current start time

assignments for the selected zone. To edit a

start time, click the start time to highlight,

select Edit to display the Zone Start Time

edit box. Enter the preferred start time and

click OK (Figure 2.23).

Important: Zones assigned to the

Scheduling Advisor cannot be edited under

“Display Zone Start Times”.

Figure 2.21

Figure 2.22

Figure 2.23