Irritrol PCW Control User Manual

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Selecting Water Zone Properties

The Zone Properties configuration

menu is accessed by double-clicking

the preferred Zone Box. A specific set

of properties is provided for watering

and lighting applications. By default,

the zone property menu for watering

application will be displayed

(Figure 2.16).


Type – All zones are designated for

irrigation by default. To designate the

zone for landscape lighting, select the

Light button in the Type option box.
Note: For additional Lighting zone

setup options, continue at “Selecting

Lighting Zone Properties” on the

following page.


Zone Number – Enables the default

zone number to be reassigned to any currently unused zone number. The drop

down menu will list all currently available zone numbers.
Note: The default zone numbers corespond to the station output terminals in the controller

regardless of Zone Box content.


Name – Enables the zone to be labeled as preferred.

Note: Changes in the Zone Properties menu will not be reflected in the program until the

OK button has been selected.


Master Valve / Rain Sensor – Enable / disable the Master Valve / Pump circuit and/or

Rain Sensor for the zone as preferred.


No-Watering Days – Enables zone operation

to be restricted on specific days of the week. The

restricted days will be represented in the Schedule

Viewer with a striped segment (Figure 2.17).


Seasonal Adjustment – Changes the individual

zone run time duration (as indicated in the

Schedule Viewer) by a percentage value ranging

from 100% (unadjusted value) up to 200%, or

down to 10% in 5% increments.


Change Image – Enables the Zone Button

background image to be changed as desired. An

alternate image can be selected from the drop-

down menu, or imported directly from your

computer by selecting the Custom option (Figure

2.18). The “My Pictures” folder opens when the

Custom button is clicked.








Figure 2.16

Figure 2.17

Figure 2.18