Irritrol PCW Control User Manual

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PCW Control



Note: The PCW Control program offers a variety of seasonal adjustment options that can be applied

globally to the Site and/or Schedule and/or individually to each zone. The percent adjustment for

seasonal changes are for systems not using Scheduling Advisor. Refer to Appendix 2– Advanced

Adjustment Features for detailed information

regarding Seasonal Adjustment options.
(6) Global Seasonal Adjustment is used to

apply a seasonal adjustment % factor globally to

any Schedule opened within the Site.

A % adjustment value, ranging from 100%

(unadjusted value) up to 200% or down to 10%

in 5% increments, can be applied globally to all

months of the year or to each month individually

as preferred. For individual months, select the

month’s radio button, then adjust the slider to

the % value as preferred. (Figure 2.29)
Each month selected will retain its corre-

sponding adjustment % value after the selec-

tions have been applied, saved and sent to the

Note: When the All 12 Months option is selected,

the adjustment value will change to 10% (by

default) for all months. Be sure to set the adjust-

ment slider to the preferred % value.
(7) Advanced Seasonal Adjustments enable

seasonal adjustment factors to be applied to

specified controllers (in multiple-controller

applications), to all zones or individual zones

within a schedule.
Note: A seasonal % value adjustment applied to

a zone within the Zone Properties configuration

menu will be reflected in the Advanced Season

Adjust Settings menu and vice-versa.
(8) Global No-Watering Days – Enables indi-

vidual days of the week to be restricted from

operation for any schedule opened within

the site to comply with local water restrictions.
(9) Water Restriction Time – Enables a specific

window of time to be established that will

restrict all automatic watering operation. By

selecting the Use Restriction Window option,

the restriction window Start Time and End Time

can be established.
Note: When setting the Start Time and End Time, make sure the appropriate AM/PM reference is






Figure 2.29