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Chapter 2 - PCW Control Program Window Overview

The PCW Control program is designed for ease of scheduling, review and system operation. The

program window is organized so you can easily setup and review operating schedules, access the

weather data, fine-tune system operation, and manually operate the system as needed.
The program window is comprised of five main sections, shown below (Figure 2.1).
A – The dark blue title bar provides the PCW Control application version, currently open site and

schedule names, and the minimize/maximize/close window buttons.
B – Directly below is the turquoise Site Menu bar that provides direct access to the site resource

folders, save options and system tools. The PC-R remote USB connection and signal strength bars

are located on the far right.
C - The light blue section displays current Controller Status information including zone operation,

Auto On/Auto Off status, and system activity status.
D – The four main panel tabs of the light gray center section include the Schedule Viewer with Cal-

endar Control center, schedule Advisor, Settings and Manual operation panel.

Located on the right are the Send, Auto Off and Auto On system control buttons. Below the Sched-

ule tab are five schedule function buttons used to create a New schedule, Open a saved schedule,

Get Schedule (from Controller), and delete or rename a schedule.
E – The Zone Buttons are arranged across the bottom of the window. Each color-coded button is

linked to the corresponding colored/numbered zone segments in the Schedule Viewer. Modifica-

tions to individual zones are made through the Zone Button pop-up menu.






Figure 2.1