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Appendix 1 – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Advisor




The Advisor is a unique PCW Control program feature that will automatically formulates a zone watering

schedule based on specific parameters including, sun exposure, sprinkler type, plant type, terrain slope, and

soil type. Observed weather factors, including, temperature, humidity and wind condition can be entered as

well, or the local 9–10-day weather forecast, based on city name or ZIP code, is retrieved from

and factored into the schedule. The formulated schedule is then transferred to the Schedule Viewer panel.

Q: What weather data is used by the Advisor?

This version of the PCW Control software accesses data from a proprietary weather service. You can choose

to automatically update the weather data daily, weekly, monthly, seasonally, or never.

Q: Will the system shut off during rainfall?

The Controller is sensor-ready and compatible with most auxiliary rain or rain/freeze sensors. Irritrol rain

sensors are recommend and are available in three models: RS1000 - wireless rain sensor,

RFS1000 - wireless rain/freeze sensor, and RS500 - wired rain sensor. (Use of a sensor is recommended.)

Q: Can the system save water?

Yes, there are several ways the system can save water:

• The system can be shut down for the winter months from the convenience of your computer. (In freezing

climates, this does not replace “winterizing” the system with compressed air blow-out.)
• The scheduling Advisor™ will save water by adjusting the irrigation schedule per weather conditions.
• An optimal rain sensor will shut off irrigation during a downpour.

Q: What PCW Control system components can be added or replaced?

The following PCW Control system components are available from your Irritrol distributor:

12-Station Indoor Controller w/Remote and Software

Model# PCW-12 INT-PAK

12-Station Add-on Indoor Controller

Model# PCW-12 ADD-INT

12-Station Outdoor Controller w/Remote and Software

Model# PCW-12 EXT-PAK

12-Station Add-on Outdoor Controller

Model# PCW-12 ADD-EXT

PC-Remote w/Stand, USB Cable and Software

Model# PCW-R

The following service parts are also available:
Kit, Service Panel, Lower

P/N 102-4973

Transformer, External, 115-120V, Outdoor Controller

P/N 102-4788

Transformer, Internal, 115-120V, Indoor Controller

P/N 363-4574

Kit, Service Door, Outdoor Controller

P/N 102-4974

Q: Can I access my PCW Control irrigation from work or while traveling?

You can use a remote-access application, such as, GoToMy PC


that enables you to access your home

computer from any other Internet-connected computer. As long as the PC-Remote is connected to your home
computer, you will have complete access to your PCW Control system.