Irritrol PCW Control User Manual

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Chapter 4 – Remote Master Valve / Pump Start Feature

The Remote Master Valve / Pump Start Feature is only for systems with more than one controller.

A Master Valve (MV) is an automatic valve that shuts off the water supply pipe when the irrigation

system is idle. The master valve reduces the chance of flooding from a zone valve that leaks or has

failed while open. The controller turns on the MV when it turns on the first valve in a program and

turns off the MV when the last valve has timed out.

A Pump Start circuit is a circuit designed to energize a Master Valve or to operate a pump start

relay(24-volt AC). It allows a power source (120 VAC, 220 VAC, etc.) to connect to a pump motor. Like it

does for a master valve, the controller switches the pump on with the first station and off again once

the last valve closes.

For irrigation systems with one main supply line and multiple controllers, the Remote MV / Pump

Start feature allows the other controllers to use the master valve / pump start circuit on Controller

Number 1. This saves wire and trenching for multiple pump start circuits. In the system, each

controller (2, 3, or 4) is provided the choice of using itw own pump start circuit or that of controller

#1. In the same way, if controller #1 has a rain sensor, clicking the “Remote” radio button in controller

#2’s “Rain Sensor” box tells controller #2 to use controller #1’s rain sensor.

Below, the installer has set Controller #2 to use the master valve of Controller #1 and its rain sensor.

Figure 4.1