Irritrol PCW Control User Manual

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Q: What if there is a power outage? Would everything still get watered?

The Controller will not operate the zones without 115/120 VAC.

The “flash memory” in the Controller will

retain the current operating schedule indefinitely in the absence of AC power. A fresh 9V battery will maintain

the current time/date for 48 continuous hours. Therefore, it’s recommended to change the battery at least

once a year–especially if the area is prone to frequent power outages. If the battery is dead (or is not installed),

the Controller time/date will be synchronized when contacted by the PCW Control computer program.

Q: If my computer goes down, can I still use the remote?

The last schedule uploaded to the Controller will reside indefinitely in memory without being connected to

the computer. The system can be operated manually at any time using the hand-held Remote when discon-

nected from the computer.

Q: What if there is a power surge?

The Controller has built-in surge protection designed to divert strong electrical surges to earth ground.

Q: How do I know if there are any electrical short circuits?

A built-in electronic circuit breaker will shut down any field output(s) when an over-current condition is

detected – generally caused by a faulty valve solenoid or a shorted solenoid wire connection. The offending

zone number(s) will be identified on the Controller with a flashing LED. The remaining zones will continue to

operate as scheduled.

Q: Can my system be reprogrammed even if my PC is down?

If you have your PCW Control system PIN, a professional irrigation contractor equipped with a laptop PC,

the remote, and the PCW Control program software can upload schedule changes to your control system.

Q: Can I transfer the PCW Control system setup to a new computer?

Yes. Install the software for the PCW Control system in your new computer, download your entire program

from the older computer to a CD or thumb drive, and upload that program (on the CD or thumb drive) to the

new computer. Use the current PIN to access your controller.

Q: How do I transfer my schedule information from an old computer to a new computer?

A: This is actually quite a lengthy process. See Appendix III for a detailed answer.

Q: I cannot change the PIN in my controller from my computer. The remote changed OK.

What should I do?

Unless all components (PC, Remote, and Controller) have the same PIN, the PIN in the controller cannot be

updated from the computer. (See the note at the end of Chapter 1.)

Q: Where do I find an electronic version of the User’s Guide?

A: Click “Tools” and select “Help Manual”.