Irritrol PCW Control User Manual

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Appendix 3 – Transferring Irrigation Schedules

It is possible to transfer irrigation schedule files from one computer to another. Irrigation schedule

files are XML files stored in a hidden folder on the hard drive of the host machine. If rights have not

been set to view hidden files and folders, that is the first step. Below are directions for Windows 7.
1. Set up View options to view hidden files and folders.

a. Double-click any folder icon to open a

Windows 7 window.

b. On the now visible window, click on the

Organize button (top left) (Figure A3.1).

c. Select “Folder and search options...”
d. Click the View tab.
e. In the Advanced Settings area, select

“Show hidden files, folders, and drives”

radio-button (Figure A3.2).

f. Click OK.

2. The default location for the XML file

installation is C:\Users\[login name]\

AppData. Navigate there.
If the AppData folder is not visible, go back

to step 1.

Figure A3.1

Figure A3.2