Irritrol PCW Control User Manual

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PCW Control




Manual Operations Panel

Multiple-zone manual watering program are formatted and controlled in the Manual Operation Panel

(Figure 2.30).
(1) Multi-Manual Presets – Preset manual watering programs that the user creates are listed by

name in the drop-down menu for easy access and operation. The New and Delete buttons are used

to add and delete preset programs as preferred.
(2) Multi-Manual Zone List – The Zone Button in the red Edit Frame will be added to the program

list by selecting the Add button. The order in which Zones are added and listed determines the

zone operating sequence.
(3)Duration – Each zone is assigned a manual run time duration of 1 minute by default, with an

adjustment range of 1 minute to 99 hours.
(4) Start/Stop Buttons – The Start and Stop buttons are used to initiate the preset watering

program. To terminate the watering program at any time prior to automatic time-out, press the

Stop button.
Note: The Stop button is also used to terminate a single zone manual watering operation initiated in

the Zone Control Options menu.





Figure 2.30