Irritrol PCW Control User Manual

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PCW Control



The Site Settings Panel

The Site Settings panel provides an array of control options specific to the site configuration

(Figure 2.26).
Note: In order for any site configuration change to take effect, the Apply button and Send tab must be

selected. You will be prompted to save the site change(s) during the Send process.

Selecting Site Configuration Options
(1) Change PIN –
The current PIN code can be changed as preferred using the Change

PIN option. The current PIN code assigned to the site will be indicated in the Change PIN dialog box

when opened (Figure 2.27). Type in a different four-digit PIN and select either of the following PIN

Options as preferred:
• Remote and Controller: (PINs must already

match to use this option.) This is the most

common selection when changing the PIN

code. Choosing this option changes the PIN

code in both the PC-Remote and the Controller

– ensuring that communication between the

components will not be lost.

• Remote Only: This selection changes the PIN

code in the PC-Remote only, and is generally

used by contractors when access to multiple

PC-Control irrigation systems is required.

(2) Hardware Information – Click to review

current controller hardware information

including firmware and hardware version,

model number and serial number.

Figure 2.26

Figure 2.27