Irritrol PCW Control User Manual

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ET Adjustment*
The Advisor ET Adjustment (Figure A2.3) allows the user

to adjust the watering recommendations provided by the

scheduling advisor. The ET adjustment is NOT a simple

multiplication of the runtime. Instead, the adjustment

changes the ET value used to create the watering sugges-

tions so a change of 10% in the adjustment might reflect

the advisor suggesting an increase of 20% to your runtime,

not a 10% increase.
If the Global Seasonal Adjustment is not at 100% the

Advisor will inform the user so that they can make more

accurate decisions when adjusting the ET value.
*(NOT compatible with Scheduling Advisor)

Working with Different Adjustments:
The user can affect the runtimes in various ways using

the different adjustment settings. In the example

below, each zone has a single watering event set

to run for ten minutes, and the global seasonal

adjustment set to 100%.
By changing the Schedule Seasonal Adjustment to

120% (Figure A2.4) the new runtimes for the stations

are twelve minutes.
Notice, that zone five is set to 115% for the Zone

Seasonal Adjustment. When viewing the schedule

zone five has a runtime of seventeen minutes, whereas

all the other stations have a twelve minute runtime

(Figure A2.5). This is consistent with the multiple

seasonal adjustments interacting with each other.

Figure A2.3

Figure A2.4

Figure A2.5