Irritrol PCW Control User Manual

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The Time Slot Editor

The zone Start Time and Run Time Duration can be configured directly within the Schedule Viewer,

or by selecting the desired values in the zone Time Slot editor.
To change a zone start time directly in

the Schedule Viewer, place the cur-

sor over the desired zone segment to

highlight, then click and drag the seg-

ment to the desired start time (Figure

To adjust the run time duration, place

the cursor on the bottom edge of the

segment, then Click and drag to adjust

the run time duration, (1–1400 min-

utes) (Figure 2.4).
To apply additional start times to a

zone, press the Add button (Figure

2.5). Each zone can have a maximum

of 10 start times. Remove a highlighted

start time by selecting the Delete but-

Note: By default, zone operation is limited

to one zone operating at any given

time. An Overlap Limit preference on

the Settings panel enables up to two

additional watering zones to operate


See Site Settings Panel, p. 11, for

complete information.

Operating Day Schedule

The Operating Day schedule (Figure 2.6) determines which days a zone will be active. When the

default schedule is selected, all zones are scheduled to operate every day of the week, (based on a

1-day Interval schedule). Each zone operates independently and can be assigned to any one of the

following scheduling options:
• Interval Schedule – A skip-day frequency, ranging from 1–31;

where 1 equals every day, 2 equals every-other-day, etc., up

to one day every 31 days.

Even- or Odd-Date Schedule – Schedules all even or odd cal-

endar dates as active watering days.

Weekday Schedule – Schedules operation by days of the


Note: Each zone can have only one operating day schedule. All

start times assigned to a zone are assigned to the same

operating day schedule.

Figure 2.3

Figure 2.4

Figure 2.5

Figure 2.6