Irritrol PCW Control User Manual

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PCW Control



Selecting Lighting Zone Properties

The Zone Properties configuration

menu is accessed by double-clicking

the preferred Zone Box. A specific set of

properties is provided for watering and

lighting applications. By default the zone

property menu for watering application

will be displayed (Figure 2.19).


Type – To designate the zone for a

lighting, select the Light button in the

Type option box.


Zone Number Enables the default

zone number to be reassigned to any

currently unused zone number. The

drop down menu will list all currently

available zone numbers.


Name Enables the zone name

label to be changed as preferred.
Note: Local ZIP code must be entered in

the Advisor Panel to enable the Sunset/

Sunrise lighting zone option. See “The

Scheduling Advisor Panel” on page 9 for



Use Sunset Time to Start Select this option to automatically begin lighting zone

operation at sunset (based on local ZIP code).


End Time Select the Use Sunrise button to automatically end lighting zone operation

at sunrise. Select the Custom button to enter a

preferred end time.


Change Image – Enables the Zone Button

background image to be changed as desired. An

optional image can be selected from the drop-

down menu (Figure 2.20), or imported directly

from your computer (“My Pictures” folder) by

selecting the Custom option. Simply double-click

the desired image from “My Pictures” and click

“OK” twice.
Note: The following image file formats can be

imported: jpg, jpeg, png, bmp, and gif.






Figure 2.19

Figure 2.20