Irritrol PCW Control User Manual

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PCW Control




(3) Site Settings: Add/Remove Controller –

Manage multiple controller operation and

rain sensor input within this section of the

Settings panel. A check box is provided to

enable/disable up to four controllers per

site. Each additional controller increases

the displayed zone count in Controller 1

up to 12 zones, for a maximum a total of 48


• Rain Sensor Options – Also included

in this panel section are the Rain Sensor

configuration options. To utilize an auxil-

iary rain sensor with Controller 1, the Use

Rain Sensor box must be selected and the

rain sensor hardware must be connected to

the controller.
Note: When the rain sensor option is selected,

all zones will be assigned to the rain sensor

control, as indicated by RS in the lower right

corner of each Zone Box (Figure 2.28)
To isolate a zone from rain sensor operation,

such as watering areas not exposed to rainfall, deselect the rain sensor option within the individual

Zone Properties menu.
In systems where multiple controllers are utilized, the rain sensor connected to Controller 1 can be

linked electronically to each additional controller by selecting the Remote option. If an additional

controller has a dedicated rain sensor connection, select the Local option for that controller.
Note: The Rain Sensor option is selectable by zone within the Zone Properties menu, but must first be

enabled in the Site Settings panel to become available within the individual zone setup menu.
Note: Some of the selections in the Settings panel must be

saved and uploaded to the controller site to become effec-

tive. Selecting the Apply button followed by the Save and/

or Send button is required each time a selection is made.
(4) Overlap Limit – By default, the controller is restricted to operate one zone at a time, regardless

of the watering schedule. If the irrigation supply source is capable of providing sufficient capacity

to operate more than one watering zone at a time, the Overlap Limit can be set to enable up to two

additional zones to operate simultaneously. “0” equals no overlap, one zone at a time.

Caution: The maximum field output is 24 VAC, 0.4A per station, with a combined total not to

exceed 1.0A (including a master valve or pump start relay and zones designated for lighting).

Exceeding this limit will activate the controller’s automatic circuit breaker to restrict field

(5) Rain Delay –
Automatic controller operation can be manually set to prevent watering from 1 to

7 days by moving the sliding pointer to the right. Automatic operation will resume at the end of the

delay period, or can be reinstated at any time by moving the slider back to the left stop. (Not for use

with a rain sensor.)






Figure 2.28