Irritrol PCW Control User Manual

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PCW Control



run time duration assigned to each zone.

Any number of schedules can be defined and saved

to memory for later recall, however every schedule

must have a unique name assignment.

13. Select the Default Schedule option to open the

new schedule with a run time Blank Schedule to

start without presets.

14. Click the Finish Button.

The site and schedule name will be displayed at

the top of the program window (Figure 1.5).

The PCW Control program should begin communicat-

ing with the Controller(s) at this time and will activate

the control system; indicated by green signal bars and

the Auto On controller status. If a communication link

is not established, Unknown Status will be displayed.

(Figure 1.6) This condition is usually caused by a

mismatching PIN. Verify the PC-R and Controller have

a matching PIN and the Controller(s) can be operated

manually with the PC-R.

Change PIN

Important PIN Information: As a security measure, the PC-Remote (PC-R) and Controller utilize a

four-digit PIN code to enable wireless communication. Both units are initially set to 0000 by default. This

is an optional feature and can remain 0000 if desired. If you wish to change the PIN to prevent unintended

system operation, read this section.
Changing the system’s PIN can only be done from the computer when all the PINs are the same to begin with.

The parts of the system, computer, PC-R, and Controller all have to be communicating for “Change PIN” to

function. In the case of mismatched PINs (and in the case of multiple Controllers in the system), the PIN and

controller number need to be set manually in each controller. See the procedure below:
1. On the front of the Controller, press the “MANUAL” and “AUTO ON” buttons simultaneously to start the

“POWER” light blinking and illuminate one of the station lights.

2. With the station lights 1 thru 9 representing PIN digits 1-9 and with 10 representing “0”, use the “MANUAL”

button to advance to and illuminate the first digit desired for the PIN.

3. Press “AUTO ON” to move the light down from “POWER” to illuminate “SIGNAL”. The “SIGNAL” light represents

the second PIN digit. Again, use the “MANUAL” button to move to and illuminate the second, desired PIN

number and then press “AUTO ON”.

4. Repeat the above steps to set the third and fourth PIN digits with “SENSOR” and “MASTER VALVE / PUMP”

illuminated respectively.

5. The last digit, represented by the “TEST” light, is for the controller or Controller number. If there is only one

controller in the system, set or leave the controller number at “1”. If setting up a second controller for the

system, use the “MANUAL” button to move to #2 in the “STATION” lights. The controller number selection

only goes up to four.

6. Hold down the “AUTO ON” button until the lights start a sequential display and then release the button. The

Controller will demonstrate what was set for each of the four PIN numbers and the controller number and

will then return to AUTO mode on its own.

Figure 1.5

Figure 1.6