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Chapter 1 - Getting Started

Irritrol’s PCW Control system brings simple yet sophisticated control to your automatic sprinkler and landscape
lighting system through the convenience of your personal computer.
The complete PCW Control system installation procedure is provided in the Installation and Setup Guide, form
number 373-0761. If you have already completed the
installation and setup procedures per the installation
guide, continue on to page 4.

Install and Launch the PCW Control Program.
1. Insert the installation CD into your disc drive.

In the “My Computer” window, double-click the

PCW Control icon.

2. Double-click on setup.exe. The PCW Control

program and required support software will be

installed automatically. Respond to the software

installation prompts as necessary.

3. Using the provided USB cable, connect the PC-R to

the computer’s USB port.

The PC-R will display PC when the connection is

established (Figure 1.1).

4. From the Start menu, launch the PCW Control


5. At the Quick Start dialog box, click the New Site

option button (Figure 1.2). The Open Site option is

used to open a previously saved site configuration


Note: A “Site” file specifies how the PCW Control

system is configured. A Site requires a name, a PIN

code, the number of Controllers in use (1–4), and the

initial number of zones to be included in the operat-

ing schedule.

6. At the New Site dialog box (Figure 1.3), enter the

preferred site name.

7. In the PIN number field, you may leave the default

0000 PIN code, or enter a preferred four-digit PIN.

(See Change PIN section, below).

8. The default number of controllers is one. If your

site utilizes more than one controller, select the ap-

plicable number from the drop-down list.

9. Select the number of zones to be scheduled. The

available zone count in the drop-down list will cor-

relate with the number of controllers selected .

10. Click the OK button to save the Site file.
11. At the New Schedule dialog box (Figure 1.4), enter

your preferred Schedule name.

A Schedule configures PCW Control system opera-

tion based on the active day(s), start time(s), and

Figure 1.1

Figure 1.2

Figure 1.3

Figure 1.4