Irritrol PCW Control User Manual

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Multi-Zone Manual Program Setup

• Select the New button to open the Manual Preset Name

dialog box (Figure 2.31).

• Enter a program name, then click OK (Figure 2.32).

• The manual program name will be entered in the Multi-

Manual Presets drop-down menu (Figure 2.33).

• Select the Zone Button followed by the Add button to

format the manual watering program list. The zone order

selected will be the order of operation during the watering

program. Continue to add as many zones to the list as

preferred (Figure 2.34).

• Click on the zone number/name to highlight. Select the

amount of zone run time using the scroll arrows. Repeat

to assign a run time duration for each zone on the list (as

required) (Figure 2.35)

• After setup, the manual program can be accessed by name

at any time and started.

Figure 2.31

Figure 2.32

Figure 2.33

Figure 2.34

Figure 2.35