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Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database Installation Guide

Background reading

For a Java reference, see:

• Horstmann, Cay and Gary Cornell. Core Java(TM) 2, Volume I--

Fundamentals (7th Edition) (Core Java 2). Prentice Hall PTR; 7
edition (August 17, 2004).

A list of books about ODBC and SQL is in the Microsoft ODBC manual
included in your developer’s kit. Your developer’s kit includes the
appropriate ODBC manual for your platform:

Microsoft ODBC 3.0 Programmer’s Reference and SDK Guide

provides all relevant information on ODBC for Windows developers.

Oracle TimesTen In-Memory
Database SQL Reference

Contains a complete reference to all TimesTen SQL
statements, expressions and functions, including
TimesTen SQL extensions.

Oracle TimesTen In-Memory
Database Error Messages
and SNMP Traps

Contains a complete reference to the TimesTen error
messages and information on using SNMP Traps with

Oracle TimesTen In-Memory
Database TTClasses Guide

Describes how to use the TTClasses C++ API to use
the features available in TimesTen to develop and
implement applications.

TimesTen to TimesTen
Replication Guide

Provides information to help you understand how
TimesTen Replication works and step-by-step
instructions and examples that show how to perform
the most commonly needed tasks.
This guide is for application developers who use and
administer TimesTen and for system administrators
who configure and manage TimesTen Replication.

TimesTen Cache Connect to
Oracle Guide

Describes how to use Cache Connect to cache Oracle
data in TimesTen data stores. This guide is for
developers who use and administer TimesTen for
caching Oracle data.

Oracle TimesTen In-Memory
Database Troubleshooting
Procedures Guide

Provides information and solutions for handling
problems that may arise while developing applications
that work with TimesTen, or while configuring or
managing TimesTen.