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TimesTen Installation


Installation instances

On UNIX, you can install more than one instance of any TimesTen
release. By default, the instance name for this release is tt70.

If an instance of a particular release of TimesTen already exists on the
machine, and you would like to install a second instance of the same
TimesTen release, you must supply a unique instance name and port
number. The TimesTen installation script can detect if an instance of the
particular release of TimesTen already exists on the machine and will
prompt you for a new instance name and port number for the main
TimesTen daemon.

The instance name appears in the installation path and is the key used to
access all necessary information about that particular installation of
TimesTen. The instance name also appears in some TimesTen file

Note: On Windows, you can only install one instance of any major and
minor release of TimesTen. The TimesTen installation script does not
prompt you to supply an instance name.

Instance names

The instance name is case-insensitive and can have up to 255 characters.
The name must be NON-NULL and can include underscores ( _ ) or
period (.), but no other special characters.

You can retrieve information about the TimesTen instance name, release
number and port settings using the



Instance port numbers

Any time that you install more than one instance of TimesTen with the
same major and minor release numbers on the same machine, the
TimesTen installation script also requires that you specify a non-default
TCP/IP port number for the main TimesTen daemon.

All TimesTen data stores that replicate to each other must use the same
daemon port number, except when the -remoteDaemonPort option is
specified in duplicate operations. This port number is set at install time
and can be verified using the