Data store character set conversion, Converting from the timesten8 character set – Oracle Audio Technologies B31679-01 User Manual

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Data Store Upgrades


Data store character set conversion

Beginning with TimesTen 7.0, a character set must be specified for each
TimesTen data store using the DSN attribute



In some cases, you may need to change the configured data store
character set as part of the upgrade process. There are two different
cases in which a data store character set conversion will be required:

• You have specified the data store character set as TIMESTEN8 in

order to upgrade your data store from a version of TimesTen prior to
7.0 using online upgrade with replication and/or client/server. After
the upgrade is complete for all data stores and client applications,
you should convert each data store from this special transitional
character set to the national character set you prefer to use for your
region. See

“Converting from the TIMESTEN8 character set” on

page 91


• You need to change your data store’s character set from the one that

you originally specified to a new one that fits your requirements
more closely. See

“Converting from a character set other than

TIMESTEN8” on page 92


Converting from the TIMESTEN8 character set

You may use


to convert a data store from TIMESTEN8 to

any other character set by completing the following steps:


Save the data store to a file using


. For example, to save the

data store


to the file


, use the command:

ttMigrate -c DSN=SalesData salesdata.mig


Destroy the data store:

ttDestroy SalesData


Change the value of the DSN attribute


for your

data store to the value specifying the new character set. For example, if
you want your data store to use the WE8ISO8859P1 character set
instead of TIMESTEN8, use the following line in your ODBCINI file: