Informational messages on windows systems – Oracle Audio Technologies B31679-01 User Manual

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TimesTen Installation


Note: The Cache Administrator will not work if it is running on a
Windows machine with the Windows Firewall ON (this is the usual
setting). In this case, the Windows Administrator must add an exception
to allow the Cache Administrator to connect through the Windows

For details on setting the environment variables required to use Cache
Connect to Oracle, see

“Environment modifications” on page 74


For details on setting up the web server, see

“Web server configuration”

on page 79


The following web browsers are supported for the Cache Administrator:

• Internet Explorer 6.0

• Firefox 1.5 and greater

Informational messages on Windows systems

As the TimesTen Data Manager service operates, it generates error,
warning, informational and debug messages. These messages may be
useful for TimesTen system administration and for debugging

To view the messages, follow these steps:


On Windows XP, choose Start > Programs > Administrative Tools >
Event Viewer
On Windows2000, choose Start > Settings > Control Panel >
Administrative Tools > Event Viewer
The Event Viewer window appears.


From the Log menu, choose Application. The window changes to
display only log messages generated by applications.

• Messages with the phrase “TimesTen Data Manager 7.0” in the

“Source” column were generated by the TimesTen Data Manager

• Messages with the phrase “TimesTen Server 7.0” in the “Source”

column were generated by the TimesTen Server service.

• Messages with the phrase “TimesTen Replication 7.0” in the

“Source” column were generated by the TimesTen Replication


To view a TimesTen message, double-click it. This displays the message