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Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database Installation Guide

See the TimesTen Developer’s Guide for more information about using

Installing TimesTen on Windows systems

This section discusses installation and related issues for Windows
systems. For a list of Windows platforms supported by TimesTen, see

“Platforms and configurations” on page 19


Note: Before beginning installation, be sure that the prerequisites
defined in

“Installation prerequisites” on page 25

have been met.

Installing TimesTen

An InstallShield program

installs your TimesTen instance on Windows

systems. The TimesTen CD-ROM is configured to autoplay; the
installation program is automatically invoked when the CD-ROM is
inserted into the CD-ROM drive.

To install TimesTen manually, insert the CD, then run the command:


where D: is the CD-ROM drive.

Note: Each time


is executed, the install program checks for

previous installations. If a previous version of TimesTen exists, the
setup program starts in Maintenance Mode, which allows you to
uninstall or repair the existing TimesTen product. In order to do a install
a new version of TimesTen where the first and second version number
(e.g. 6.1.2 and 6.1.5) match, you must first uninstall TimesTen in
Maintenance Mode and then run



The TimesTen installation prompts you to make these choices at
installation time:

• Which component would you like to install?


“Components available on Windows” on page 24


• Do you want to install the Cache Connect to Oracle option?

If you intend to cache Oracle data in a TimesTen cache group, select
this option. You can incrementally install this option at a later time,
as well, using the Modify option to the installation script when the
major and minor release numbers of the TimesTen installation match

• Do you want to enable Access Control?