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Data Store Upgrades


After the above procedures have been carried out on the upgrade
system, the active system can be upgraded using the same steps.


Online upgrades can be performed only on data stores for which all the
user tables meet the replication requirements. All the user tables must
contain either a PRIMARY KEY declaration or have a unique index
declared over non-nullable columns.


To perform online upgrades with replication, replication must be
configured to use static ports. See

“Dynamic vs. static port assignments”

on page 55

of the

TimesTen to TimesTen Replication Guide


If you are performing an online upgrade on a single system where a
bidirectional replication configuration does not already exist, you must
make sure that enough memory and disk space is available to support
two copies of the data store being upgraded. Both the original data store
and its copy will be active for the duration of the upgrade. To maintain
the performance of your production applications, you may wish to
create the copy of the data store on a second system.

Additional disk space must be allocated to hold a backup copy of the
data store made by the


utility. The size of the backup copy is

typically about the same as the in-use size of the data store. This size
may be determined by querying the


table, using



Command> SELECT perm_in_use_size FROM sys.monitor;


Wait for all of the updates to
propagate to the upgrade system.


Reconnect all applications to the
upgrade data store.