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Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database Installation Guide

CGIROOT — A subdirectory of


where the CGI scripts are

located. The path should begin and end with a '/' on all platforms. The
default is /cgi-bin/.

PERL — The path to the Perl interpreter. The path is set by the
TimesTen installation scripts. Do not change the default path unless you
are certain that the path is for a Perl version that is compatible with
TimesTen and that it contains all the required libraries. The path should
point to the Perl binary, not the Perl directory.

PERLLIB — The path to a directory containing perl modules. It is
added to the Perl search path when a perl CGI program is run.

LOG — Specifies how verbose the logging should be. Set to verbose
to log each connection.

PASSWORD_FILE — The name of a file containing user names and
passwords. If this configuration variable is set, all requests are
authenticated. The password file contains lines of the form


” (do not use spaces around the colon, though

leading and trailing spaces and comments are allowed). Passwords are
not encrypted in the password file, and are sent only base64-encoded
from the browser to the server.

MIME — Some


types are also specified here. They are all of the


MIMETYPE:.{extension} = {mime type}

. You should not

remove the definitions for text/html.

Migrating data stores to TimesTen 7.0

TimesTen 7.0 cannot read data stores created with earlier releases of
TimesTen. TimesTen 7.0 includes two migration utilities:




. These utilities allow you to migrate data stores from older

TimesTen releases to TimesTen Release 7.0.

For a description of these utilities, see



Oracle TimesTen In-

Memory Database API Reference Guide


On Windows,


uses the ODBC driver manager.

On UNIX platforms, the


utility is directly linked with the

TimesTen Data Manager ODBC driver.

Using the ttMigrate utility



utility saves and restores tables from a TimesTen data

store in a binary data file. Using


, you can save an entire data

store to a single data file. The data file includes table rows as well as