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Access Control


Access Control

With TimesTen you can optionally install a layer of internal security,
which throughout the TimesTen documentation set and in the
installation scripts is referred to as “Access Control.”

The Access Control feature of TimesTen provides an environment of
basic control for applications that use the internally defined privileges.
In TimesTen, user privileges are granted on a instance wide-basis. A
user’s privileges apply to all data stores in a given TimesTen instance or

Limitations of Access Control and non-root installs


You can enable Access Control when you install TimesTen. You can
also choose to enable it after installation by using the


utility. See

“Enabling Access Control after installation on UNIX” on

page 14

. Access Control cannot be disabled after installation of

TimesTen. You must uninstall and re-install TimesTen if you want to
disable Access Control.

The instance administrator owns all files in the installation directory
tree. Only the instance administrator can administer the TimesTen
instance. See

“TimesTen instance administrator” on page 9

. All

TimesTen daemon processes are owned by the instance administrator.

Prior to installing TimesTen as non-root, certain tasks must be
performed by the user


. Those tasks are outlined in


for non-root installations on UNIX systems” on page 37

. You cannot