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About this Guide

This document contains all necessary information for installing the
Oracle TimesTen® In-Memory Database (TimesTen) Data Manager,
Client and Server components.

The TimesTen CD contains a


file that holds the release

notes. These notes list product information and late changes to the
printed documentation. The release notes are also available in PDF
format. The PDF file is named



TimesTen documentation

TimesTen documentation is available on the product distribution media
and on the Oracle Technology Network:



Including this guide, the TimesTen documentation set consists of these

Book Titles


Oracle TimesTen In-Memory
Database Installation Guide

Contains information needed to install and configure
TimesTen on all supported platforms.

Oracle TimesTen In-Memory
Database Introduction

Describes all the available features in the Oracle
TimesTen In-Memory Database.

Oracle TimesTen In-Memory
Database Operations Guide

Provides information on configuring TimesTen and
using the ttIsql utility to manage a data store. This
guide also provides a basic tutorial for TimesTen.

Oracle TimesTen In-Memory
Database C Developer’s and
Reference Guide

and the

Oracle TimesTen In-Memory
Database Java Developer’s
and Reference Guide

Provide information on how to use the full set of
available features in TimesTen to develop and
implement applications that use TimesTen.

Oracle TimesTen In-Memory
Database API Reference

Describes all TimesTen utilities, procedures, APIs and
provides a reference to other features of TimesTen.