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Access Control


been selected. If this file is missing, an error occurs after Access Control
is enabled.

This file is readable and writable only by the instance administrator.
Passwords are stored in encrypted form and are not known to the
instance administrator as one way hashes, so they cannot be recovered.

Daemon port

Though the instance registry enforces portTCP/IP uniqueness for
TimesTen instances, the possibility of the TimesTen main daemon port
conflicting with ports used by non-TimesTen applications always exists.

“Changing the daemon port number on UNIX” on page 39

for ways

to change the demon port number after installation.

Authenticating users and privileges

When Access Control is enabled, certain TimesTen utility APIs, XLA
operations, utilities, procedures and SQL operations require user
authentication. For details on each operation, see the specific chapters of

Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database API Reference Guide

and the

Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database Operations Guide


All TimesTen utilities prompt for a password if needed. See

Chapter 2,


in the

Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database API Reference



Client/Server utilities always prompt for a password if no PWD attribute
is specified, since they must always use



Scripts built on utilities requiring passwords may want to use the


attribute, rather than embedding a cleartext password in the



For a description of the TimesTen Access Control privileges, see

“Access Control Privileges”

in the

Oracle TimesTen In-Memory

Database SQL Reference Guide



The instance administrator must be included in the


groups being used.