Installation prerequisites, Unix requirements – Oracle Audio Technologies B31679-01 User Manual

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TimesTen Installation


Installation prerequisites

Before installing TimesTen, make sure the appropriate requirements are
met for your operating system.

On platforms where JDBC is supported you must have the appropriate
version of the JDK installed on your machine to use JDBC. See

“Platforms and configurations” on page 19

to learn which JDK is

required for your platform.

UNIX requirements

In general, on UNIX systems, you must configure:

• The number of semaphores, and

• Allowable shared memory.

In addition, you may need to:

• Ensure you have the latest operating system patches

• Configure your file system to allow large files

• Configure your Java environment

• Configure your Client/Server environment

• Configure network settings for Replication

This section outlines some of the changes that may need to be made on
any UNIX system. It is followed by sections that describe changes
required for each specific UNIX platform on which TimesTen is


TimesTen consumes 1 SEMMNI per active data store, plus 1 additional
SEMMNI per TimesTen instance where Client/Server communication is
done through shared memory. For each active data store, TimesTen
consumes 100 SEMMSL if the Connections attribute is set to the default
value, and one additional SEMMSL for each connection above the


On UNIX systems, if you are running JDBC, install the latest JDK and
any vendor required patches. Refer to the website of the OS JDK
provider for the patches you may need.

To run 64-bit Java applications on all systems except AIX systems, if
you are using the Sun 64-bit JVM, you may need to pass the


options to the Java command line.