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Access Control


% ttDaemonAdmin -start

To stop an instance:

% ttDaemonAdmin -stop

Instance data store

A DSN for a minimal instance-wide data store is defined by TimesTen
at install time to guarantee that TimesTen always has something with
which to connect.

The following is the definition of the instance DSN for a root




The following is the definition of the instance DSN for a non-root




This data store gets special treatment from the daemon, and has special
access restrictions placed on it. Any user can connect to the instance
data store to change their own password. However, users other than the
instance administrator have only SELECT privileges on the instance
data store.

TimesTen users

TimesTen instance administrator

The owner of a TimesTen installation is the “TimesTen instance

Only a member of the

TimesTen administrators group

can install

TimesTen because only the instance administrator user can administer
TimesTen. The user installing the instance automatically becomes the
administrator for that instance. Only that user may start or stop the
instance, and only that user may administer the other users in that
instance. If the


attribute is set, the instance

administrator user must have corresponding group membership.