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Page 16: Instance access, Instance startup/shutdown, Cache connect replication client/server

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Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database Installation Guide

Cache Connect

For Cache Connect, the TimesTen internal user must match the Oracle
user. External Client/Server users must match the Oracle user. If you are
using the Cache Connect Administrator interface, the user must be an
internal TimesTen user.


If Access Control is enabled, replication daemon administration and
replication schema changes are restricted to users having the ADMIN
privilege. See

“Privileges” on page 13


Changes are applied to a replicated subscriber data store regardless of
the settings or presence of Access Control on the subscriber.

Instance user configuration commands are not replicated.


If a TimesTen client connects to a Timesten server, and the server side
data store has Access Control enabled, the server’s


attribute must be enabled.

To use Access Control with Client/Server applications, when the user is
identified externally, the Client and the Server processes must be on the
same machine. When Access Control is enabled, remote Client/Server
access is only supported with TimesTen internal users.

TimesTen ignores the values of UID, PWD and PWDCrypt if specified
in the Server DSN. These are client-side only attributes. The user name
and password must be explicitly declared on the Client side.

When Access Control is enable, if PWD or PWDCrypt is specified in
Client/Server applications, TimesTen assumes that the user is internally
identified, otherwise TimesTen assumes that the user is externally
identified and authenticated by the operating system.

Instance access

Instance startup/shutdown

Permission to start and stop the main TimesTen daemon is restricted to
the TimesTen instance administrator.

To start the TimesTen main daemon: