Oracle Audio Technologies B31679-01 User Manual

Page 67

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TimesTen Installation


The CD contains tar files of TimesTen. If the setup script cannot find
the tar files to extract from, it prompts you for their location.


Enter your response to the setup script prompts.

Note: To install or uninstall TimesTen without having to respond to
prompts, use the


flag with the

script. Batch files from

older releases of TimesTen cannot be used to install this release. All new
prompts in the installation script for this release are assigned default
answers and may produce unexpected results when batch files from
different versions are used.

The file script performs these actions (unless your answers resulted in
termination of the installation process):

• On 64-bit systems, prompts you to install one of the following


– 32-bit (default)

– 64-bit

• Prompts you to:

– Install a new instance

– Upgrade an existing instance (This option allows you to

incrementally install the Cache Connect option. The major and
minor version numbers of the TimesTen release must match

– Display information about an existing instance or

– Quit the installation.

• Prompts you to chose the default instance name or chose a name for

your TimesTen instance. See

“Installation instances” on page 23


• Prompts you to install TimesTen:

– Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database

– Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database with Cache Connect to


• Prompts you to install one of the following components.

– Client/ Server and Data Manager


Installs documentation.


Displays the help message.


Displays extra installation information.