Configure the syslog messages, Changing the daemon port number on unix, Unix libraries – Oracle Audio Technologies B31679-01 User Manual

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TimesTen Installation


This step is only necessary if you want the TimesTen instance to start
each time the machine is rebooted.

Note: If you install these scripts into your system directory, you must
manually remove them in the case that you want to uninstall your
TimesTen instance, using

# setuproot -uninstall

Configure the syslog messages

For non-root installs, the default location for daemon system message
logs is to a file within the installation directory. For root installs, the
default location is the


mechanism. See

“Informational messages

on UNIX systems” on page 72

for details.

Changing the daemon port number on UNIX



utility allows the instance administrator to change the

port number on which the main TimesTen daemon listens. If you have
not stopped the TimesTen daemon before using


, the utility

stops the daemon before changing the port number. After the port
change, the daemon is automatically restarted.

This feature is useful if you install TimesTen and later find that the port
is already in use.

The utility is run from the command line and takes the



with the new port number as an argument. For example:

% ttmodinstall -port 12345



utility can also enable Access Control and modify the

path supplied to the ORACLE_HOME environment variable. All other
changes to the TimesTen instance can only be made by uninstalling
TimesTen and re-installing the same or a new product. (See


Access Control after installation on UNIX” on page 14



the daemon port number on UNIX” on page 39


UNIX libraries

On UNIX, TimesTen installs the Data Manager library and ODBC
driver. In the


file, set the driver version that you want to

use for each available data store. See

“Defining data sources for the

demo applications” on page 83

for more information on the


file. Also see “User and system DSNs” in the TimesTen

Developers Guide.