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Data Store Upgrades


When a TimesTen data store is loaded into shared memory, many of its
attributes are fixed, including size, logging options, TimesTen software
release number, and the location of its checkpoint and log files on disk.
This chapter describes the steps required to change these attributes and
to upgrade TimesTen data stores when you install a new version of

Data store compatibility

Starting with TimesTen version, TimesTen version numbers
consist of five components. Prior versions of TimesTen used only three
numbers to indicate the version, such as 5.1.35. The first two numbers in
the version are used to indicate a major release of TimesTen, such as
5.1.x or 7.0.x.y.z. The third number indicated the patch release of a
major release of TimesTen. For example, TimesTen version number
5.1.35 indicates the 35th patch release of TimesTen version 5.1.

TimesTen data stores are not compatible between major releases, but
they are always compatible between patch releases. For example, a data
store created with TimesTen version 5.1.35 is not compatible with a
TimesTen version application, but a data store created with
TimesTen will be compatible with a TimesTen version application.

When referring to a TimesTen version, the version number will often be
abbreviated to the major version number. For example, version
may be abbreviated to 7.0.

Data type compatibility

Beginning with TimesTen version 7.0, TimesTen supports a selection of
Oracle data types in addition to the original TimesTen data types that are
maintained for backward compatibility. For details on both the new and