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TimesTen Installation

This chapter contains configuration information that you will need to
review before installing TimesTen on your system, in the sections:

Platforms and configurations

Installation instances

Choosing the appropriate TimesTen components

Installation prerequisites

Operating system security considerations

Prerequisites for non-root installations on UNIX systems

Changing the daemon port number on UNIX

You will find a description of the procedures to install TimesTen on
your platform:

Installing TimesTen on Windows systems

Installing TimesTen on Solaris systems

Installing TimesTen on HP-UX systems

Installing TimesTen on HP-UX Memory Windows

Installing TimesTen on AIX systems

Installing TimesTen on Linux systems

Installing TimesTen on Tru64 UNIX systems

This chapter also contains information to help you configure TimesTen
after installation, work with the demo applications, migrate data stores
to this release and view the TimesTen documentation:

Using the Cache Administrator

Informational messages on Windows systems

Informational messages on UNIX systems

ODBC installation

Environment modifications

Web server configuration

Migrating data stores to TimesTen 7.0