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Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database Installation Guide

Performing a Client/Server online upgrade from
TimesTen version 6.0 and above

As of TimesTen 7.0, TimesTen Server is able to talk directly to all user
applications linked with TimesTen Client ODBC driver version 6.0 or
higher. This makes the procedures for upgrading a TimesTen Client/
Server installation much simpler. There are at least two possible ways to
upgrade a TimesTen Client/Server installation, depending on your
requirements for client access to the data store:

• If you do not need the data store being upgraded to be available

continuously to your client applications, you may simply stop the old
server, perform the migration of the data store using


, and

then start the new version of the server, which should be configured
to listen on the same server port.

• If it is critical that the data store be continuously available to the

client applications, you may use the procedure outlined in

“Performing an online upgrade with replication” on page 104

to keep

a second copy of the data store available during the migration of the
first copy.

Note: For security reasons, client/server communication is not
normally allowed between TimesTen 7.0 and previous versions. In order
to perform an online upgrade with client/server, you must start the main
TimesTen 7.0 daemon with the




“Communicating with older versions of TimesTen” on page 71



Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database Operations Guide

for more


Client/Server online upgrade

To perform an online upgrade of a TimesTen Client/Server system to a
new major version with minimal reconfiguration, perform the following


Stop the TimesTen Server on the old version of TimesTen. From this
point until the TimesTen Server for the new version is started, your
client applications will not have access to the data store. Any attempted
updates to the data store by the clients will fail, and you should stop user
applications if necessary.


Install the new version of TimesTen. At install time, configure the server
to listen on the same port as the old version of TimesTen.