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Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database Installation Guide

Installation directories, files and the daemon port

Installation of TimesTen must be performed by the chosen instance
administrator user. The instance administrator owns all files in the
installation directory tree. Only the instance administrator can operate
the instance.

Installation directories

The installer suggests default destination directories, based on the user
performing the installation.

Instance home directory

The instance may be installed in any directory to which the instance
administrator has sufficient permission.

On Unix, the installer suggests


as in previous

releases. For non-root users, the installer suggests the home directory of
the user, usually defined by the environment variable $HOME.

On Windows, the installer suggests the directory pattern as used in
previous releases of TimesTen,


The TimesTen documentation refers to the installation directory as



Daemon home directory

The “home” or current working directory of the running the main
TimesTen daemon is known as the daemon home directory. This
directory must be owned by the instance administrator, with


permissions on UNIX systems. The daemon verifies both the
permissions and ownership of this directory when it starts up.

On UNIX, the installer suggests the use of



installed as non-root or


if running as root.

On Windows, the


directory is used for this

purpose, just as in previous releases.

Password file

If access control is selected at installation time, user and password data
is stored in the file



Initially, this file contains a single entry for the instance administrator.
The presence of this file indicates to the daemon that Access Control has