Installing timesten in silent mode – Oracle Audio Technologies B31679-01 User Manual

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TimesTen Installation


By default, Access Control is not enabled. See

Chapter 1, “Access


for more details.

Custom setup also lets you choose other custom options.

The installation program adds TimesTen directories to the system
environment variables LIB and INCLUDE.

In addition, installation prompts you to add a directory to the system
environment variable PATH. If you decide not to set the PATH
environment variable at installation time, you can set the PATH
environment variable at any time after installation on a per session basis
by running the script install_dir\bin\ttenv.bat.

Note: On Windows, TimesTen cannot be installed in a substituted
directory (a subdirectory that is mapped to a drive letter). Attempting to
install TimesTen in a substituted directory results in an error.

Installing TimesTen in silent mode

TimesTen allows you to save installation options to a batch file that you
can later use to install TimesTen without having to answer each option
in a dialog box. To set up silent mode:

• From a command-line, run:

C:> setup.exe -r

With this option, TimesTen walks you through a normal setup
operation with all the dialog boxes. TimesTen saves your responses
to the file



You can now use this file to run an installation in silent mode:

• From a command-line, run:

setup.exe -s -fl



For example:

C:> setup.exe -s -f1C:\WINDOWS\setup.iss

acquires the installation options from the response file. No dialog
boxes appear. Some information pop-up dialogs may still appear,
such as the one that informs you that the services are being started.

Note: Batch files from releases older than TimesTen Release 7.0 should
not be used to install this release. All new prompts in the installation
script for this release are assigned default answers and may produce
unexpected results when batch files from different versions are used.