Troubleshooting – Oracle Audio Technologies B31679-01 User Manual

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Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database Installation Guide



may result with an Invalid Argument error


EINVAL, errno=22

) when attempting to connect to TimesTen.

If a connection is made to a data store with ExclAccess=1, then memory
windows will not be used. In this case, TimesTen does not allocate
shared memory but rather space for the data store is allocated from the
process' private data space.


TimesTen support may ask for all of the following in order to diagnose a
problem using memory windows.

• How many memory windows do you have configured?

% /usr/sbin/kmtune -q max_mem_windows

• What is the maximum shared memory segment size?

% /usr/sbin/kmtune -q shmmax

• How many windows are you using?

% cat /etc/services.window

• Do you have the correct instance in your path?

% ttVersion

% ttStatus

% getmemwindow tt_instance

• Can you connect with a utility provided by TimesTen?

% ttIsql -connStr dsn=my_dsn

• Can you successfully run a demo program? The TimesTen demos are

located under install_dir


• What other segments are in use?

% ipcs -m -a

• Does "


" or a TimesTen utility such as ttStatus

return silently when you expected output?

• Check the error status from the “


” command.

• What does the "


" tool show?

% memwin_stats -w



tool may be downloaded from HP at

ftp://contrib:[email protected]/

• What error are you getting when you try to connect?

The following list is not exhaustive but may help sort out the problem.