Before installation, Timesten administrators group, Instance registry directory – Oracle Audio Technologies B31679-01 User Manual

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Access Control


automatically converts the external user name to upper case, rendering it
case insensitive.



attribute allows you to encrypt a password rather to use

cleartext passwords, and it also provides a way to deal with the special
characters and case sensitivity used in passwords that might create
difficulties if specified in clear text within the PWD DSN attribute.

Before installation

Several steps must be taken to prepare a machine for TimesTen
installation. These steps are needed once per machine and require root
permission. See

“Installation prerequisites” on page 25

. Additional steps

must be performed before installation if either Access Control is to be
enabled or you plan to install as non-root.

TimesTen administrators group

An operating system group needs to be defined for those users who will
be allowed to install and administer TimesTen instances. This can be an
existing group, but we suggest that a group named “timesten” be created
specifically for this purpose.

“Create the TimesTen instance

administrators group” on page 37

. The member of the TimesTen

administrators group who installs the TimesTen instance becomes the

TimesTen instance administrator

for that instance.

Instance registry directory

TimesTen maintains a “registry” of all TimesTen instances installed on a
given machine. The instance registry itself is not required for operation,
but it is essential for correct installation and uninstallation of TimesTen.
It is not accessible by TimesTen users including the instance
administrator user.

On Unix platforms, for root user installs, the instance registry is located
in the directory


. Initial creation of the



directory may require root access. Creation of this directory

is a once per machine, pre-installation step. See

“Create the TimesTen

registry” on page 38

. The disk space required for the files in this

directory is less than 2k bytes.

On Windows the instance registry is contained in the operating system
registry. No action is required by users including the instance
administrator user.