Setting the acp bacnet network address, Before configuring the acp bacnet environment, Caution – LG PQNFB17C0 User Manual

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Installing ACP BACnet

Setting the ACP BACnet network address

After connecting the ACP BACnet to various devices via the cable, the network environment of
the ACP BACnet should be set by driving the ACP BACnet. The following information should be
set for using the ACP BACnet.

- IP address of the ACP BACnet

- Gateway address

- Net mask

Before configuring the ACP BACnet environment

The network environment of the ACP BACnet can be set by the LCD and the buttons at the front
side of the ACP BACnet.

The current ACP BACnet information and the menu are displayed on the LCD, and the menu can
be changed and selected by pressing SET and button and Up/Down/Left/Right (

▲, ▼, ◀, ▶)



Setting the network environment information

• If the above information is not entered, the communication error may be occurred or it

may be impossible to control by the ACP BACnet. So, be careful to correctly input.