Installing acp bacnet – LG PQNFB17C0 User Manual

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Installing ACP BACnet



Installing ACP BACnet

Installing ACP BACnet

This chapter describes how to install the ACP BACnet to use.

In order to use the ACP BACnet, the installation should be performed by the following order.

STEP 1. Check the cautions during the ACP BACnet installation

Before installing the ACP BACnet, check the cautions.

STEP 2. Study the cable connections diagram of the entire system

Study the cable connection diagram of the site where the ACP BACnet is installed.

STEP 3. Set the indoor unit address

Set the address of the ACP BACnet not to be overlapped with the connect-
ing indoor unit.

STEP 4. Set PI485 and connect cables

Set DIP switch of PI485 correctly, and connect RS-485 communication

STEP 5. Install ACP BACnet and connect cables

Install the ACP BACnet, and set network and other settings.

STEP 6. Set ACP BACnet network address

Set the network address to be able to access the ACP BACnet through internet.

STEP 7. Set ACP BACnet functions

Set language, peak/demand, whether to use schedule, whether to use
power display, etc.

STEP 8. Set Web GUI access environment

Set the access environment in Web GUI, which is the operation program of
the ACP-BAC.

STEP 9. Input indoor unit and ventilator information

Set the access environment in Web GUI, which is the operation program of
the ACP BACnet.

STEP 10. Verify and check ACP BACnet installation

Verify and check whether the ACP BACnet is properly installed.


Installing the ACP BACnet

• The ACP BACnet installation work needs the professional technique. Therefore, the installa-

tion described in this chapter should be performed by the certified installation professional.

• Consult the service center or the professional installation agency certified by us about

any question or request related to the installation.