Check points during the acp bacnet installation – LG PQNFB17C0 User Manual

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Check points during the ACP BACnet installation

- The number of PI485 connected to one RS-485 communication line

ACP BACnet provides 4 RS-485 ports for indoor unit connection. (CH 1~4)
Up to 16 PI485 for outdoor unit can be connected to one RS-485 port, and up to 31 PI485 for
SINGLE/ventilation can be connected.

- The number of the indoor units that can be connected to one ACP BACnet

One ACP BACnet can be connected up to 256 indoor units. To one RS-485 port, all of 256 in-
door units, which is the maximum number that can be connected to the ACP BACnet, may be
But, to improve the communication performance of RS-485, it is recommended to be divided
and connected to 4 ports.

- RS-485 communication cable connection

There is a polarity in RS-485 communication cable connection, so be careful not to reverse the
connection of the two cables.
Do not let the length of RS-485 communication cable exceed total of 1 Km.
RS-485 communication cable must be connected with BUS type.

- IP address of the ACP BACnet

IP address of the ACP BACnet, address of Gateway, and Net mask must be requested to the
person in charge of the network of the corresponding site.


RS-485 Connection of the ventilation equipment

• To connect ventilation equipment, it is recommended to use the ports other than RS-

485 communication ports which are connected to air conditioners.



Installing ACP BACnet