Setting the indoor unit address – LG PQNFB17C0 User Manual

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Setting the indoor unit address

By considering the entire installation configuration connecting to one ACP BACnet, set the ad-
dress to each indoor unit not to be overlapped. 00~FF in hexadecimal can be set to the indoor
unit address.

The following example sets the address to the indoor unit.

When the ACP BACnet is interconnected with the AC Manager, the ventilator can be installed to-
gether and controlled.

The above figure shows the example that sets the addresses of 30 and 31 to the ventilators and
connects to the ACP BACnet.



Assigning indoor and outdoor unit number

• If the outdoor unit product is Multi V, it is recommended

to assign the address by setting the first digit of the

address as the number of the outdoor unit, and classify-

ing the second digit as the number or the indoor unit, for

easy composition and classification of the system.

Outdoor unit

(group) number

Indoor unit






How to set the central control address of the indoor unit

• The central control address setting method may be different for each indoor unit product or

remote control type, so set the address by referring to the manual of the indoor unit prod-

uct or wired remote controller.



Installing ACP BACnet