Last function memory, 2 cautions on loading discs, 2 cautions on handling – Marantz M-CR610 User Manual

Page 112: 2 cautions on storing discs, 2 cleaning discs

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2 Cautions on loading discs

• Only load one disc at a time. Loading two or more discs can damage

the unit or scratch the discs.

• Do not use cracked or warped discs or discs that have been repaired

with adhesive, etc.

• Do not use discs on which the sticky part of cellophane tape or labels

is exposed or on which there are traces of where labels have been

removed. Such discs can get caught inside the player and damage it.

2 Cautions on handling

• Do not get fingerprints, oil or dirt on discs.

• Take special care not to scratch discs when removing them from their


• Do not bend or heat discs.

• Do not enlarge the hole in the center.

• Do not write on the labeled (printed) surface with ball-point pens,

pencils, etc., or stick new labels on discs.

• Water droplets may form on discs if they are moved suddenly from a

cold place (outdoors for example) to a warm place, but do not try to

dry them off using a hairdryer, etc.

2 Cautions on storing discs

• Be sure to remove discs after using them.

• Be sure to store discs in their cases to protect them from dust,

scratches, warping, etc.

• Do not store discs in the following places:

1. Places exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time

2. Dusty or humid places

3. Places exposed to heat from heaters, etc.

2 Cleaning discs

• If there are fingerprints or dirt on a disc, wipe them off before using

the disc. Fingerprints and dirt can impair sound quality and cause

interruptions in playback.

• Use a commercially available disc cleaning set or a soft cloth to clean


Gently wipe the disc from the

inside towards the outside.

Do not wipe in a circular motion.


• Do not use record spray, antistatic agents, benzene, thinner or other solvents.

Last function memory

This stores the settings as they were immediately before going into the

standby mode.

When the power is turned back on, the settings are restored to as they

were immediately before going into the standby mode.

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