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g. “Standard Version” refers to such a Work if it has not

been modified, or has been modified in accordance

with the consent of the Author, such consent being

in the full discretion of the Author.

h. “Work” refers to the collection of files distributed

by the Publisher, including the Source Code,

Executable Files, binaries, data files, documentation,

whitepapers and the Articles.

i. “You” is you, an individual or entity wishing to

use the Work and exercise your rights under this


2. Fair Use/Fair Use Rights. Nothing in this License

is intended to reduce, limit, or restrict any rights

arising from fair use, fair dealing, first sale or other

limitations on the exclusive rights of the copyright

owner under copyright law or other applicable laws.

3. License Grant. Subject to the terms and conditions

of this License, the Author hereby grants You a

worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive, perpetual

(for the duration of the applicable copyright) license

to exercise the rights in the Work as stated below:

a. You may use the standard version of the Source

Code or Executable Files in Your own applications.

b. You may apply bug fixes, portability fixes and other

modifications obtained from the Public Domain or

from the Author. A Work modified in such a way

shall still be considered the standard version and

will be subject to this License.


You may otherwise modify Your copy of this

Work (excluding the Articles) in any way to create

a Derivative Work, provided that You insert a

prominent notice in each changed file stating how,

when and where You changed that file.

d. You may distribute the standard version of the

Executable Files and Source Code or Derivative

Work in aggregate with other (possibly commercial)

programs as part of a larger (possibly commercial)

software distribution.


The Articles discussing the Work published in

any form by the author may not be distributed or

republished without the Author’s consent. The

author retains copyright to any such Articles. You

may use the Executable Files and Source Code

pursuant to this License but you may not repost or

republish or otherwise distribute or make available

the Articles, without the prior written consent of

the Author.

Any subroutines or modules supplied by You and linked

into the Source Code or Executable Files this Work

shall not be considered part of this Work and will not

be subject to the terms of this License.

4. Patent License. Subject to the terms and conditions

of this License, each Author hereby grants to You

a perpetual, worldwide, non-exclusive, no-charge,

royalty-free, irrevocable (except as stated in this

section) patent license to make, have made, use,

import, and otherwise transfer the Work.

5. Restrictions. The license granted in Section 3 above

is expressly made subject to and limited by the

following restrictions:


You agree not to remove any of the original

copyright, patent, trademark, and attribution notices

and associated disclaimers that may appear in the

Source Code or Executable Files.

b. You agree not to advertise or in any way imply that

this Work is a product of Your own.

c. The name of the Author may not be used to endorse

or promote products derived from the Work without

the prior written consent of the Author.

d. You agree not to sell, lease, or rent any part of the

Work. This does not restrict you from including

the Work or any part of the Work inside a larger

software distribution that itself is being sold. The

Work by itself, though, cannot be sold, leased or


e. You may distribute the Executable Files and Source

Code only under the terms of this License, and You

must include a copy of, or the Uniform Resource

Identifier for, this License with every copy of the

Executable Files or Source Code You distribute

and ensure that anyone receiving such Executable

Files and Source Code agrees that the terms of

this License apply to such Executable Files and/

or Source Code. You may not offer or impose any

terms on the Work that alter or restrict the terms

of this License or the recipients’ exercise of the

rights granted hereunder. You may not sublicense

the Work. You must keep intact all notices that refer

to this License and to the disclaimer of warranties.

You may not distribute the Executable Files or

Source Code with any technological measures

that control access or use of the Work in a manner

inconsistent with the terms of this License.

f. You agree not to use the Work for illegal, immoral or

improper purposes, or on pages containing illegal,

immoral or improper material. The Work is subject

to applicable export laws. You agree to comply with

all such laws and regulations that may apply to the

Work after Your receipt of the Work.

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