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2 Add New Feature

Display new features that can be downloaded to this unit and perform

an upgrade.
Upgrade Package : Display the items to be upgraded.
Upgrade Status : Display a list of the additional functions provided by

the upgrade.

Upgrade Start : Execute the upgrade process. When the upgrade

starts, the display is shut down. During the upgrade,

the amount of upgrade time which has elapsed is


Upgrade ID : The ID number shown on the display is needed when

carrying out the procedure.


• See the Marantz website for details about upgrades.
• When the procedure is complete, “Registered” is displayed in this menu and

upgrades can be carried out. If the procedure has not been carried out, “Not
Registered” is displayed.

Notes concerning use of “Update” and “Add New Feature”

• In order to add new functions, the environment and settings required

for connecting to broadband internet are needed (vpage 24).

• Perform the add new feature operation after at least 2 minutes has

elapsed since turning this unit’s power on.

• Do not turn off the power until updating or upgrading is completed.

• Even with a broadband connection to the Internet, approximately

20 minutes is required for the updating/upgrading procedure to be


• Once updating/upgrade starts, normal operations on this unit cannot

be performed until updating/upgrading is completed.

• Furthermore, updating/upgrading the firmware may reset the backup

data for the parameters, etc. set for this unit.

• When the update or upgrade failed with a message such as “Update

failed” and “Download failed”, remove and re-insert the power cord.

“Update Retry” appears on the display and update restarts from the

point at which update failed. If the error continues despite this, check

the network environment.


• Information regarding the “Update” function and “Add New

Feature” will be

announced on the Marantz web site each time related plans are defined.

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