Luminex IS Version 2.3 User Manual

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MAP Technology

Luminex 2.3 Software

PN 89-00002-00-110 Rev. B


Instructions for maintenance procedures begin on page 88. Table 11
on page 88 shows a recommende
d use schedule for maintenance

Diagnostics tab

Use the Diagnostics tab to monitor the progress of commands you
initiate in the system. Features on this tab monitor the state of system
components. This tab displays the System Monitor, Detailed Sample
Progress chart, and Message Log. The Text on the Diagnostics tab
turns red if the system encounters an error. The Message Log on the
Diagnostics tab indicates where the error occurred.

Figure 8 Diagnostics Tab

Use these tools to find information about the system and what occurs
during sample acquisition and other functions. For example, you may
look on the Message Log to see the last completed command or the
one currently in progress.

The System Monitor provides information about the physical state
of the Luminex analyzer including lasers and system calibration
status. The values displayed are reported directly from the Luminex
analyzer and the Luminex XYP instrument. It shows whether the
calibration or control results completed successfully by displaying
green text for successful events and red text for failed events.

The system diagnoses real-time system problems related to fluidics
and optics. The system also detects and reports if the Luminex XYP