Database management procedures – Luminex IS Version 2.3 User Manual

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Luminex IS Software Manual for Version 2.3


MAP Technology


PN 89-00002-00-110 Rev. B

Figure 61 Data Interpretation Report (Print Preview)

Database Management

To manage the system database, back up and delete saved data and
files. The system stores data results for instrument calibrators,
instrument controls, assay calibrators, and assay controls. It records
acquisition and maintenance data in real-time to minimize data loss
in case of system failure. Each batch file records the date and time,
command cancellation (if applicable), and voltages used for the
commands performed during the batch.

Back Up the


Back up the system database following the schedule set by your
laboratory. Your laboratory may require you to back the system up
weekly, daily, or after you complete each batch.

If your laboratory has no schedule for database backups, the system
does inform you when your database approaches its size limit. You
should back up the database according to a periodic schedule.


To back up the database:

1. On the Tools menu, click Database Backup. The Backup

Database To dialog box opens.